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Book Review:

Most times we find literature that moves us by perusing through the bookstores or looking online...seeking those hot titles. Yet, there are times when books land in your lap or in this case in my email. A month ago, I received an email about a book that is poetic and philosophically based. I was told that this book would be of interest to IB readers. Well, first a smile went across my face because the concept that IB's voice and readership was being recognized took me back for a moment. However after getting a glimpse of the material, I thought this author was correct in his assumption. Skillern's book, Messages is about life through the eyes of a Black man. His poetic inferences sears at the heart when you think of the experiences this individual has lived. His desire to share his wisdom flows freely through his book.


Each chapter represents life, its emotions, its trials and tribulations, worldviews and many of the perceptions felt by our brothers and sisters. It speaks of compassion, of consequence, and the responsibility one should have for the actions taken. This  book delves into spirituality yet it does not push religion, merely gives you a perspective about the higher power that exists for Skillern. Through the pages  you see transcendence from wisdom gained through life experience. Thoughts on topics such as love and race pulsates bringing the spoken  word alive. Page after page, this book evoked many emotions that always is merely at the surface. For we have much to say, but keep such thoughts under our breath; Skillern deemed it necessary to share those thoughts with the world.   I found this to be more than merely a book, but a journey so to speak of a man's life and his perceptions. His expression exploded over and over again. I give this book two thumbs up...definitely worth reading.




IB: What motivated you to write, Messages?

MoSkillern:   Writing in itself was never a consideration for me as a career but stranger things have happened to the unsuspecting. I actually began writing when very young but I did not take it seriously, I thought it just musings of a developing mind. Yet in 1990 (while in nursing school) I began to write “Messages” in earnest and without real effort. In fact I consider “Messages” a book that wrote itself and merely used me as a modem for its fabrication. This book embodies many of my thoughts, ideologies and philosophical incites in both poetic and written word format. What motivated me to complete “Messages” was my time served in Iraq for the Army. There I was forced to see the ugly face of war and realized that life can be taken away at a moments notice. With that reality in mind I refocused and became more determined to see “Messages” come to life. So far it has found growing acceptance in minds reaching for more than just the mundane.


IB:  What steps did you take as a writer to complete your goals?    

MoSkillern:  The steps I took where many. To include studying the industry, researching marketing and founding my own company Baseline International. All of these steps I feel where necessary to avoid the pitfalls that are very readily available to aspiring authors. The last, founding my own company came about in a “Prince-like” fashion because I really don’t need others to be the primary marketers or sellers of my work. I say this because even though my book is also available through most of the major book stores Barnes & Noble, Books a Million and others, it is in these stores to get legitimacy not financial gain. Most authors feel that getting their book inside of these stores is the pinnacle of success but, you will find after close scrutiny that all these extra hands, while helpful, basically take away from the profit margin.  sell all of the autographed copies of “Messages” (outside of book signings) through Baseline International Publishing. While finance should not be the primary motivation or I feel the ultimate goal of a writer, it is an important aspect of writing and needs to be given its proper respect. I plan to be inside the writing industry for a very long time both as a writer and as a businessman so setting up a firm foundation was and is a must. Remember, "one cannot write in the light it they cannot afford to pay the light bill".


IB: What advice would you give to new comers on how to publish or promote their work?     

MoSkillern:  I strongly advise patience. I find that many aspiring writers want there work published so badly that they make poor decisions. They in turn (in most cases) give many of the scavenger publishers control over their works. Don’t be in a mad rush to publish, first know what you are getting into, hone your work, see a lawyer about any contracts and take your time. Also allow many others to see your work and be open to constructive criticism. A writer with a closed mind usually puts out poor product, which means a lot to them as individuals but stands beyond the comprehension of others. Lastly self-publishing is becoming an acceptable way to publish ones works so I also advise writers to consider this avenue. I look forward to sharing my work with others and thank you “Inspiring Beyond” for granting me  this forum to discuss my work. Current information about me and my current projects can be found on my website