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Below you will find questions frequently asked of
Author- Poet- Philosopher
"Maurice Skillern".


Q: [FAQ: Who is Maurice Skillern]

A: [FAQ Answer: To find out more information on this prolific author go to his website.  A link directly to the "About the Author's" page on Maurice's website is below.

Maurice Skillern "About the Author".


Q: [FAQ:  What is the purpose of "Messages"?]

A: [FAQ Answer: The purpose of "Messages" is very simple but broad based. Its intent is to expand the scope of the thoughts and ideologies of all who view it; and to stimulate new concepts on commonly accepted practices. It is not meant to challenge anyone's ideas, customs, or foundational beliefs, but simply intended to stimulate new thought in this ever changing world.


Q: [FAQ: How do I purchase an autographed copy of "Messages"?]

A: [FAQ Answer: Autographed copies of messages are  available only through Baseline International Publishing LLC. This is the exclusive company that Maurice Skillern is working with to supply autographed copies of his book. It is also possible to obtain autographed copies at the various book signings that Maurice will be a part of . Click on the "News & Events" link above to check on planned book signings. Also, you can write  customer service for more information (and to be added to the mailing list) on planned book signings and other events that Maurice will be attending. The link below will take you to the autographed copy purchasing pages of both websites. ]

Baseline International Publishing Books Page


Q: [FAQ Where are other places where "Messages" is available]

A: [FAQ Answer: "Messages" is available for order through most major bookstores to include but not limited to Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Borders, Amazon, and Books a Million.]

 Barnes & Noble

Borders Book Stores
Amazon Books ]


Q: [FAQ Why don't the major bookstores offer autographed copies? ]

A: [FAQ Answer: Most if not all major bookstore order general copies from a central warehouse and setting aside warehouse space to house autographed copies in particular would take up more space than most allocate for a particular author. Maurice Skillern has recognized this drawback and the fact that most people would prefer an autographed copy, so he has created and is working through  Baseline International Publishing LLC (BIP) to supply this need. BIP supplies the exact same book as you would receive from the major bookstores except that the book from BIP will have the authors autographed at no extra cost. The simple reality is, if "Messages" is ordered through the major book stores, they in turn order from Baseline International Publishing LLC. Click on the links below to order autographed copies of "Messages" from BIP. Baseline International Publishing Books Page ]


Q: [FAQ:  When is Maurice's next book "BackBoard Warrior" going to be available?]

A: [FAQ Answer: Maurice is currently hard at work on this novel / play and hopes to have it out by the end of 2012. Between promoting "Messages", running  the Baseline International Companies and practicing medicine as a Physicians Assistant he is kept pretty busy, but we assure you that his focus is extreme and that he is making time to make frequent additions to this great piece of work. Keep your eyes open and look for more info on  "BackBoard Warrior" soon.

"Information on  BackBoard Warrior"

BackBoard Warrior

"Information on  BackBoard Warrior"



Thanks for making the time to read my FAQ.

Have a Peaceful Journey.


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