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Maurice Skillern was born in Houston, Texas.  He spent most of his early life playing basketball     and learning of the world through the sometimes harsh experiences of living in his neighborhood     (Houston "Acres Homes", Texas).  After graduating high school neither he nor his family had the     means to send him to college so he then made a focused decision to better himself no matter what     sacrifice needed to be made. He soon went active duty into the United States Army where he has     spent most of his adult life, serving on both active duty and in the reserve components.  He has, in     the years since joining the military been activated and served willingly in three conflicts (Desert     Shield/Storm, Joint Endeavor (Germany), Iraq Freedom (Baghdad, Iraq)). He has also served on     both sides of the Army houses, initially as an enlisted soldier (where he reached the rank of     Sergeant First Class (E7) and he retired (April 2008) as an Officer (Captain). He earned his     Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Nebraska where he also earned his Master’s     Degree in Physician Assistant Studies (with a focus on Family practice). He works now as a     Physician Assistant openly aiding all within his scope of practice.


Always a visionary, a dreamer, he set out and began writing his first book of poetic-philosophy in 1990, with a piece from it being published in the anthology The Space Between 1994.  He continued in his writing quest and explored many different thoughts, ideas and forms of technology. To include the concepts and realization of his first book "Messages; Reflections of Being";  which was published after great trials and tribulations. 


Maurice Skillern, is also the CEO of Baseline International, LLC and Baseline International Publishing, LLC; he established these company with the  focused intent to discover and make available the works of talented individuals. His first book "Messages" was published by Baseline International Publishing and it has proven to be a very successful. In the end, Maurice will focus on  continuing to be a positive force in this society and establishing himself and the Baseline International Companies as integral parts of the entertainment community.


Maurice Prepairing to leave for Iraq

Maurice preparing to leave for Iraq

Maurice Being promoted to 1st Leutinent

Maurice Skillern Being Promoted to 1st Lieutenant

Camp Victory Iraq..


Maurice Skillern Military

Maurice Skillern  

Camp Udairi Kuwait

Maurice Skillern in Kuwait 

Maurice Skillern


Maurice Skillern Early Years


Maurice Skillern

Early Years

Jr High / High School


Maurice Skillern at his oldest son's graduation

Maurice Skillern

at his oldest son's




Maurice Skillern

Maurice Skillern

at a book signing at a book signing



Maurice At work "Day Job".

Maurice at Work

Day Job


Military Photos

Maurice Skillern in Military Uniform

Maurice Skillern

in Military Uniform

In Kuwait 2003


Maurice Skillern Kiwait 

Camp Doha


Maurice Skillern Camp Doha