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Maurice Skillern was born in Houston, Texas in August.  He was always considered a visionary, a dreamer.


 This ambitious mindset gave him the courage to begin writing his first book of poetic-philosophy in 1990. A piece from it was published in the anthology- "The Space Between 1994".  

While he continued writing,  Maurice explored different thoughts, ideas and forms of technology. He included  these concepts in his book. After great trials, he finally got it published.  He intends to publish many more books.

 His book -"Messages: Reflections of Being" covers a wide range of subjects, thoughts, and ideas that far exceed the status quo.
"Messages" leaves all who have read it pleasantly amazed .

The book is available through all bookstores, including
Amazon, Barnes &, and through the publisher’s websites Baseline International Publishing.

Maurice Skillern

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