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Rogues Corner Interview 

Rogues Corner


"Maurice Skillern it's nice to meet you and I must say that I too feel your, uhhh fire. Tell you what, have a seat and let me just jump right on you...  I mean, jump right into your interview.  I noticed on your site that you have started a BLOG. That seems quite popular these days. In that BLOG you mention something about "Going the distance"... no wait, let me read it here, it says... Your poems and what not, cover subject matter, thoughts, and ideas that far outdistance the status quo, leaving all who have read it pleasantly amazed. Ah, I see, pardon my err, however, how in fact do you feel you outdistance other poets? What is it about your poetry that you feel sets you apart from your peers." 


MS:- This is a well introduced question given in a mischievously interesting fashion. I shall endeavor to answer in a like methodology. My poetry is a different kind of animal, in that there was no intent with its formulation nor absolutes in its crafting. Instead it made itself known to me in a fashion akin to  “I am here now and you will put me to paper”. I was but a modem to its becoming. In fact much of what  I wrote, once completed, was in many ways foreign to me. Foreign, in that, then and even now I too could step outside of it and wonder at its true origins. That which sets my poetry apart is the philosophical aspects innate but very much present in the words and their delivery. A few pieces, amongst many, that comes to mind are “Rapture”, and “Second of Twins” which very much captures the essence of Revelations and Satan’s fall from grace. Many that have read “Messages” have found themselves stimulated to ask new questions of that which is commonly accepted by the status quo, creating new insights and exploring totally new ideologies.  I call this “walking a different path”. This in truth is what sets my poetry apart.


 "You speak a lot about your 'essence' on your site, and you do have a certain um... something, tell me fine sir, when did you know that you were destine to write from your heart?"

MS:  This is a question that I too asked, for I do not remember any specific moment that it dawned on me to write.  I was always an avid reader of both philosophy and poetry but never had I presumed o be a writer. When the foundation of “Messages” was written I was actually in nursing school, while everyone else was studying I found myself mysteriously compelled to write poetry. I , of course finished nursing school along with my peers but have ever since that time thought that this was a most questionable time to write poetry.   So in essence I wrote when the words spoke to me.

  " I read a 'Piece' of your work and as Paris Hilton says... 'Hot.'  I was shaken rattled and I guess I'm left to be rolled.  Why haven't we heard about you long ago... tell me, where do you come from and where have you been say-all of MY life?"    

MS:- I was born and raised in Houston, Texas (Acres Homes) where the reality of my families financial deficiencies lit a fire within me to achieve far greater than my then present circumstance. After graduating high school I threw the dice of life and joined the Army, putting my life on the line to pay for my education. That was 20 years ago, and since then I have acquired both my Bachelors and Masters Degrees. So in answer to where I have been, between serving in the military, going to college, and being a father I have been a little busy. I actually got focused and completed my first book of poetry “Messages” after returning from a tour in Iraq in 2004. There I was forced to see and accept the tenuous hold on life that we all have and face the reality of how quickly that life could be taken away. War has a way of making you see such realities.  In short though all things have their season, and this is the season my work (writing) is to become known.

  "Well, thanks so much for allowing me some of your time. And I mean, anytime you want someone to feel your magic, don't hesitate to drop me a line. I'm always available to try you on for size... I mean...preview some of your new 'pieces'... Is there anything you want our viewers to know that I have not already covered?"  

MS:  Yes, I look forward to sharing the essence of “Messages” with all and hearing more interesting feedback. I shall depart with a piece from the fragments section of “Messages”.


Those who seek shall be sought,

Those who are sought shall seek,

 Those who seek not shall be found by death.

Maurice Skillern


Have a Peaceful Journey.