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BackBoard Warrior


A Warriors Trial

Matthew Joshua Hood, "The Fly", lived in a world that was against him from the start. He was born a black man living within an environment that had little love for the darker races. It was a world composed of daily struggle where reputation was held highest and life and death were a constant gamble. There was also a war for him at home;he loved his  father but as to his future the two existed  on different planets. In this physical and emotionally traumatic world he would have to come to grips with his life and that of his family. In this pursuit Matthew chose a road fraught with peril, for it was a road of conflict in the form of basketball competition. Along this treacherous road he would wage many battles and know many victories as well as a few defeats.He would also be given the key to his salvation, if only he could give up the conflict that raged in his heart...



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