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  * Poetic-Philosophy

Poetry with both rhythmic and non-rhythmic rhyming schemes, written  with philosophical undertones meant to stimulate new thoughts and ideologies

   Maurice's Writing Style:

There are few writers today who will tackle the serious issues we face but Maurice Skillern accomplishes this in a subtle yet definitive fashion. Whispering (not shouting) new insights through his prolific use of words. One must truly see and read the entire book to experience the totality of his vision. His book, "Messages" is now available at all the major book stores and autographed copies can be acquired from Baseline International Publishing LLC (Baseline International Publishing LLC). Also, a sample of his work "Rapture" (Samples Page) can be found on the Baseline International Publishing LLC website. This particular piece delves into Revelations with a poetic flair that captures the essence of the question of where will you be when the rapture comes???

In the end, it is strongly felt (by those in the "know") that his work will be looked at as a classic for its unique combination of thoughts and emotions; some as dark as Edgar Allan Poe's, while others are as light as Maya Angelou's. This unique dual-singularity will without doubt start a fire of new thoughts. To learn more about this author feel free to explore this website starting with his information page at ("About the Author" ) and / or visit the Baseline International Publishing LLC Homepage.



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Maurice Skillern

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Messages "Reflections of Being"


"Reflections of Being"

“About the Book”

  This is a work of Poetic-Philosophy* and is not meant to defame, deface or otherwise debase any religions or ideologies. Like all philosophical contemplation, it is a gathering of thoughts and visualizations by the author. The subjects and subject matter within is based on the author’s interaction with various aspects of life, with the intent being to stimulate new thought.

   There will be those who will love what is written, and there will be those who will hate what is written, but this is to be expected for these are things that mortals do.  Yet, those who pursue that which is beyond mortal knowing will seek its understanding


Messages "I Dreamed Tomorrow"

"I Dreamed Tomorrow"

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Messages Enhance E-Book

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From Authors Blog

Maurice Skillern has created a wonderful mixture of rhythmic verse and free flowing thought with his new book "Messages". It covers subject matter, thoughts, and ideas that far outdistance the status quo, leaving all who have read it pleasantly amazed. "Messages" though, is not just a poetry book but it is truly a marriage of unique thoughts in forms of both rhythmic prose and written word. We at Baseline International were simply astonished by the depth of the piece "Answers for the Children" found within its pages. An early editor's note, we feel closely captures the essence of the book

From Publisher

(Maurice Skillern's poetic prose is unique, and his inspirations come in a very different, very personal way. It shows in his work. This man can WRITE! Read his work, his "Pieces" as he calls them. You will be touched, torn, rattled, and made to think - and feel. These renderings of philosophical contemplation reach deep into the reader's gut for feelings that can't be exposed by mundane ponderings. "Messages" contains messages for everyone who slips between the covers for the briefest foray into the possibilities open to Mankind. )

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